Spokane Painting Contractor: How to Choose a Professional? Is there a Time to be Like Dick Tracy?

How to choose a paintng contractor in Spokane Spokane Painting Contractor: How to Choose a Professional? Is there a Time to be Like Dick Tracy? The answer is yes. When putting money into one of your largest investments, your home, you don’t want to take chances. Painters must rely on their reputation to complete quality, long lasting, beautiful paint work. Step 1: Ask Around. Talk with your Spokane neighbors, friends, church members, family, and your local paint stores, such as Sherwin Williams, Wahl, Rodda, and Benjamin Moore. You may also look online under key words such as Spokane House Painters or Spokane Home Painting and take a peek at customer reviews. Once you have narrowed it down to your top 3 choices, your ready for step 2. Step 2: Get Estimates from Three Spokane Painting Contractors. This is important to gauge an accurate price range for your project and to allow you to compare professionalism. It’s important that you interview each Spokane painting contractor. Always ask the following Questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you licensed, bonded, insured, and lead certified?
  • Are you affiliated with any national or local organizations?
  • Do you have any references to check?
  • What type of products do you typically use?
  • Is the company owner present on jobs or upon request?
  • Do you offer any written warranties?
  • Do you offer a free color consultation?
  • Do you complete every job with a thorough walk through with the lead painter and the home owner?

Step 3: Pay Attention to Non-Verbal Communication.

  • Is the Spokane painting contractor that is at your door, on time? If not, did he call to reschedule in advance?
  • Is the contractor dressed in his whites or dressed professionally, reflecting business like rapport?
  • Does the contractor deliver you a clear to read contract outlining the scope of work from prep to finish?
  • Does contractor appear busy and tightly scheduled? A Spokane painting contractor in high demand is a good sign!

Step 4: Check References Make sure you take a few minutes to call the references that the Spokane painting contractor provides. Feel free to ask some questions in regards to timeliness of job completion, how the contractor fixed any problems or obstacles, and if the customer would have the contractor back. Step 5: Communicate With Your New Spokane Painting Contractor. Be sure to love the colors you have chosen. If you are unsure, utilize the free color consultation. Walk around your home with the contractor and have a clear understanding of what will be painted, how it will be prepped, and make sure your painter knows what colors you have chosen for each part of the home. This all should be outlined on the estimate. Have a start date set on the calendar with your contractor. Your contractor might schedule you to start in a specific week, rather then a specific day, due to Spokane weather. Clarify with your contractor how much money is due at the start and finish of the job. Many contractors collect 25% on the start date of the painting project with the remaining balance due upon job completion. (Contractors must comply with Washington state law in regards to how much money is allowed to be requested before job completion). Lastly, be sure to be available on the day of job completion, so that you may walk through your newly painted home and look for any oversights with your Spokane painting contractor, so that they may be corrected before your painters leave. Follow these outlined steps and your chances of having a great painting experience will be much higher!! Get ready to be like Dick!      

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